the reach homeschool group is a large and very active group with members all over VA, MD and DC.
We average anywhere from 30-80 events each month.  all of the events are not on our website...all of our emails for our events are shared on our yahoo group...

To get info on our events make sure to click on Membership and Join the group and be in the know...

snow tubing at massanutten - jan 2017 - full event

I am limited to 50 per time frame... So don't miss out - this event fills up.... This is an outdoor event so dress warmly - bundle up.. This event goes RAIN OR SHINE or SNOW...
Snow Tubing - “Best Snow Tubing” - Washingtonian Snow Tubing is pure, fresh-air fun that nearly everyone can enjoy! Bundle up for adventure and get ready to break out the smiles and the laughter. You can slide down one of our tubing lanes solo or link up with friends and enjoy the ride together when conditions allow. Our tubing hill features up to 16 lanes that are 900’ in length and offer a drop of 120 vertical feet. We now offer a second conveyor lift allowing more people to enjoy Snow Tubing with less waiting on our busiest days.
Children must be at least 36 inches tall to tube. 
Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult while at the Family Adventure Park.
Hard shell or ski boots are not permitted in the Tube Park.
Temperature, wind, and precipitation affect the speed of snow tubing.
Snowmaking may be in progress as temperatures permit. 
One person allowed per tube, no exceptions.
Weather and track conditions permitting, we allow "chaining" of tubes at our discretion. 
Each participant must be seated in the tube at all times.
Tubing on your stomach or any other position is strictly prohibited and will result in expulsion from the Tube Park 

Senior graduation meeting - jan 2017 

M ark Your Calendar - REACH Senior Graduation Meeting is the 10th of Jan at 3:30pm... If you have a Senior that is graduating in 2017 and you want to graduate with REACH please attend this meeting so you can get all the details about what is involved with the REACH graduation.....
This past June we had 16 Seniors Graduate. The largest class was 22 and the smallest was 2 and that graduating class the 2 seniors are now 32 yrs old....(wow).....The youngest to graduate with REACH was a 13 yr old girl. She has 2 college degrees already and working on another one 

Ringling Bros and Barnum Circus - April 2017

The circus returns to the Eagle Arena Bank (formally know as the Patriot Center) on the 7th of April 2017 at 10:30am..   ages 1 and under are FREE... Usually they do a pre-show 1 hr before the show which is FREE and is included with the price of your ticket.  This is a ticketed event so if you want your tickets mailed to you please send a SASE with your order.  
I will take rsvp's starting now and all money is due in full by the 1st of Feb 2017 - the earlier I get the money in the better seats I get...So rvsp to - Please send your check payable to REACH to Wanda Sloper, 35451 Wilderness Shores Way, Locust Grove, VA 22508... or paypal to - if using a cc please add 4% to your total. 

kings dominion education day - april 7th, may 5th and june 2nd

Kings Dominion each year holds Education Days and this year their dates are as follows:
REACH will host 3 days - April 7th,  May 5th and June 2nd... so if you would like to go to the KD Education day - send your pymt of $35.00 per person by the 1st of March 2017.  I will order our tickets for the following dates... PLMK which day you are doing and how many are attending...
The cost to attend is $35.00 per person.. If you have a season pass there is no cost to get in..
and you don't have to rsvp - just show up... If you do not have a season pass you do need to register in advance and get your tickets...
So mark your calendar with these dates if your are interested in going.
Send your check payable to REACH to Wanda Sloper, 35451 Wilderness Shores Way, Locust Grove, VA 22508... 
EDUCATION DAYS - Program InformationCurriculum aligns with Virginia Standards of Learning as well as National Science Standards.
Kings Dominion has partnered with the MathScience Innovation Center of Richmond, one of the leading hands-on science centers in Virginia, to bring classroom learning to life.  Students will have the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the basics of STEM education in a fun and interactive setting. 

national symphony orchestra of ukraine - manassas

How would you like to see the National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine in Feb at 8pm at the Manassas Hylton Performing Arts Center. in Manassas. Tickets can be picked up one hr before showtime at the box office under your name...  
If you would like to see this performance send your check payable to REACH by the 10th of Jan 2017.  Send to Wanda Sloper, 35451 Wilderness Shores Way, Locust Grove, VA 22508.  IF you want to do paypal send to - please add 4% if you are paying with a cc....
Dvořák: Symphony No. 9 From the New World
Stankovych: Suite from the ballet The Night Before Christmas
R. Schumann: Piano Concerto in A minor, Op. 54Founded in 1918, The National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine is one of Eastern Europe's most esteemed orchestras, earning international acclaim for its virtuosity and precision. Deeply rooted in the rich musical traditions of Eastern Europe and Russia, the orchestra is celebrated for its adventurous high-energy repertoire and vibrant performances. Under the baton of Conductor Laureate, Theodore Kuchar, the orchestra performs Dvořák's Symphony No. 9, From the New World, and ballet music by Ukraine composer Stankovych. Alexei Grynyuk — who is "among the finest" according to Grammophone Magazine — joins the orchestra to perform Schumann's Piano Concerto in A minor. Throughout its history, The National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine has premiered the works of many classical giants including those of Prokofiev, Lyatoshynsky, and Shostakovich, and has produced more than 100 acclaimed recordings, garnering the ensemble several Grammy nominations. 

riverside presenting george washington carver - feb 2017

In Feb 2017 we will be seeing George Washington Carver (Peanutman) at 10:30am at the Riverside Dinner Theater in Fredburg...  Everyone is welcome to bring a lunch to eat before the show starts.. I have 40 seats sit aside for this show...
Right now they don't have the description of the play up yet but once they have it listed I will send out an updated email....  
If you would like to attend email me at - pymt is due in full by the 10th of Jan 2017... Send your check payable to REACH to Wanda Sloper, 35451 Wilderness Shores Way, Locust Grove, VA 22508.  or paypal to - please add 4% to your total if you are using a cc.. 

Parent workshop - feb 22nd

Parent Workshop: Building Relationships & Making Sense of Your Child & Teen.
Wednesday, February 22, 2017
9:30am - 11:30am
Central Rappahannock Regional Library Headquarters (Downtown Fred’burg)
Meeting Room 2$25/per person or $35/per couple
Only 12 seats available in room
rsvp or more info email 

whale watching - va beach

We are all set to go Whale watching at the VA Beach Aquarium in March at 10am... The trip on the boat is 2 1/2 hrs... This is a fun experience to go out onto the ocean and if we are lucky we can see some whales....  The boat is private and reserved for our group only.. The cost is 18.00 per person - but to make the event a go we must have 50 attending - the max is 125.  There are NO REFUNDS so if you cannot make it consider it a donation to the aquarium....
If you want to do the VA Aquarium after the boat trip the cost is $10.00 per student K to 12th and $16.00 for adults - that pymt is also due by the 15th of Feb....With almost three decades of experience, a Whales & Wildlife Sea Adventure aboard the Atlantic Explorer is an opportunity to see the ocean’s most magnificent creatures as they visit our coastal waters, while our enthusiastic educators help bring the ocean to life with items to see and touch. Staff and volunteers trained by Aquarium experts share an amazing program built upon the Aquarium’s own scientific research and conservation efforts, and collect data related to whale and dolphin sightings during each trip which contributes to federal and regional management of marine mammal populations and environmental assessments.This 2-2.5 hour trip in search of whales, dolphins, seals, and seabirds brings you as close as possible to commonly observed species like acrobatic humpback whales, fin whales, minke whales, critically endangered right whales, bottlenose dolphins, harbor porpoises, and harbor seals, as well as an immense variety of seabirds and waterfowl.  

reach valentines dance - feb 2017

REACH Valentines Dance - Feb at Old Silk Mill in Fredburg - 6:30-10pm.....Fun for mature ages 12 and up.  See your REACH email for more details about this event....

Walt Disney world - March 2017

REACH does Walt Disney World every other year - so we will be going in March of 2017.  I am giving you heads up now to start planning for it - All money for the event will be due Dec 5th, 2016... All the details about Disney is on the yahoo email loop...The dates, cost and programs are already picked....

While we are at Disney World in FL I will look into tickets to Universal Studios and Sea World as well and you will have the option to go there as well.

the reach group averages 30-80 fieldtrips and events each month - all the fieldtrip details are on the reach yahoo group and the reach calendar page. also once you become a member of reach you can join our facebook page.  

Field trip to the white house

Mr and Mrs Riggins will be coordinating a fieldtrip for REACH to the White House...As of right now this is in the planning stages - it takes many steps to get this done.   The last time we attended the White House we took 200 homeschoolers there - they told us that we were the largest group to ever attend of that size....
How this works is once we get our info in that we want to attend then the process stops at that point until we hear back from them that we can get in this year...They cannot guarantee a time, date or month - usually what happens is they will notify us about 2-4 weeks out that we are scheduled for this day and time.. 
Once that has happen the date is locked in then we will have to have info from you so that you can go - they usually require your full name, address, driver's license number and Social security number...-they run a check and if you are good to go we will know - if they deny you I don't know the reason why you would have to call your congressman and talk to him or her..
So right now we are in the process of getting one set-up.... once they have got that done - the Riggins family will send out an email with what you need to do next.... 

va int'l tattoo - norfolk va.. a must event to attend - event is now closed 

We are all set to go back and see the Virginia Int'l Tattoo show again on the 30th of April 2017 at 2:30pm in Norfolk VA... This is an excellent military show and I highly recommend you go if you have not been before... Before the show they have an outdoor show that is free to attend..  
In 1997, we brought this tradition to the home of the world's biggest Naval base and the largest population of military families in America- Norfolk, Virginia.  Not surprisingly, Virginia International Tattoo has become renowned as the most patriotic of the world's great Tattoos.This largest spectacle of Music and Might in the United States of America offers and astounding display of inspirational military music, majestic massed pipes and drums, show stopping drill team maneuvers, colorful and elegant dancers, and much more.  
It's clear why the American Bus Association has put this Tattoo on their must-see list of the most exciting events in the world.Throughout history, field musicians have been vital to commanders as the sole means of relaying orders during battle. For marching, the bands kept the company or regiment in proper cadence, and served to beat the daily duty calls and ceremonies such as Reveille, Taps, the General, the Assembly and the Retreat. The distinctive and colorful uniforms were necessary to distinguish them easily on the battlefields, and were often the reverse color of those worn by the line soldiers. 
The term "tattoo" derives from the cries of the 17th and 18th century Dutch innkeepers, who, as the fifes and drums of the local regiment signaled a return to quarters would cry, "Doe den tap toe!" -"Turn off the taps!" The sound of the "taps" caused the innkeeper's customers to depart and return to their barracks. The word "tattoo" evolved over time, and refers to what developed as a ceremonial performance of military music by massed bands today. 

reach reading club - fun for all ages - runs sept to may 

REACH will again offer the REACH Reading Club - This club is for kids of all ages including little ones.  Kids start reading Sept to May and then in May we have a party and give out prizes and some lucky kids win some bikes to take home and one lucky family wins a FREE 3 day 2 night stay at Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg. The cost is $15.50 per student and that covers books, prizes, pizza party and bowling in May.  Kids read all year long and by May 1st you submit your book report on one book and these are given to GWL as a THANK YOU for donating the grand prize...  
Last year I was able to give away 6 bikes.  So depending on how many sign up is how much I can afford for bikes and etc....Each may we hold a fun party at AMF Bowling alley where you can bowl for 2 hours and then we do pizza and drinks and give away bikes, prizes, books and etc....
This year I am going to do the BOOKS at the end of the event instead of the beginning - so in May they will get their 3 books for participating in the REACH Reading club...
This is lots of fun encourages kids to read all year long - then have a party, get some books, prizes, bowling and food and a chance to win a bike and one lucky family wins a FREE visit to GWL.. 

hands on science classes - full  

Mrs Murphy our soccer coach is offering again to teach Hands on Science Classes for Middle/High School Students starting Feb 2nd... Time is 1-2pm at Salem Fields Community Church in Fredericksburg....Min 4 students - max is 12 students.   All supplies are included with the price.... Rsvp directly to Mrs Murphy..Once the class is full she will let me know... 
Hands On Science ClassMiddle/High Students*Minimum 4 students, Maximum 12 students 
Engineering (2wks) · Straw Roller Coaster, Paper Book Towers, Marshmallow Guns 
Physics  Alka-Seltzer Rockets and Wooden Catapults 
Electricity - Lemon battery· and Electric Motor Magnets -·Magnetic Field Experiment and         Spinning Pen
Forensics ·Chromotography - Finger Printing and         DNA Extraction 
$85 per student for  6 – 1 hour classes*
Classes may not be done in order shown*
Classes take place at SFCC*
Some outside “homework” may be required 
Classes held: Feb. 2, 9, 16, 23 and March 2, 9 from 1-2pm*March 16 will be set aside as a makeup date 

monster jam - feb 2017 - Richmond

Monster Jam® Triple Threat Series 2017 - Saturday, February 11, 2017 @  7PM Richmond Coliseum | 601 E Leigh St, Richmond VA 23219. This is a ticketed event so if you want your tickets mailed to you please send a SASE so I can mail them back to you..  Since I just found out about this show pymt is due by the 9th of Jan 2017...
Monster Jam® roars into the 2017 season with a points-based series, showcasing the best lineup of Monster Jam vehicles that deliver what fans want to see most… more trucks, more racing, more freestyle, more donuts, more wheelies, more action! Three exciting arena tours (East, West, & Central) will test the versatility of the athletes as they go head-to-head in seven different competitions driving three different vehicles – Monster Jam Trucks, Monster Jam Speedsters and Monster Jam ATVs. These athletes will battle for points in challenging racing and freestyle events that push themselves and their machines to the limit.  

reach facebook page

Once you become a member of REACH you are welcome to join the REACH facebook page..... 

shine music club

What is Shine? This is a fun group where homeschoolers can connect and share their talents with each other during Spotlight Solos and with the local community in a variety of performances throughout the year.  For ages 6 and up...

family shark overnight adventure in tn - april 2017


Great wolf lodge - Feb 26th to March 2nd, 2017

Here are the dates for Great Wolf Lodge for Feb 2017... Feb 26th to March 2nd - Last day to rsvp is Jan 26th... Hope you can make it...REACH HOMESCHOOL
FEBRUARY 26 – MARCH 2, 2017Below is the key information. Please be sure to take note of the time sensitive dates.Group Name is: REACH HOMESCHOOL EXPERIENCE DAYS
FEBRUARY 26 – MARCH 2, 2017
(No minimum stay required)Group Code is: 0217REACHRoom Styles are: FAMILY, KID CABIN, KID KAMP, WOLF DEN,
LOFT, MAJESTIC AND GRIZZLY BEAR SUITESFAMILY SUITES - $109.00, plus taxes and fees = $156.28 per night
ALL OTHER SUITES - $135.00, plus taxes and fees = $185.14 per nightRates include passes to the waterpark at no additional charge
based on the reserved occupancy of each room.Reservation Cutoff Date is: Thursday, January 26, 2017Be advised there are a limited amount of rooms held for our group and are available on a first come basis. Rooms booked after our group allotment has been reached, or after our cutoff date are subject to availability and our rate may no longer apply. To ensure availability, book as soon as possible.To make your family’s reservation by Thursday, January 26, 2107:Online at WWW.GREATWOLF.COM – Booking Code 0217REACH
Call Great Wolf Lodge’s Reservation Center at: 1-800-551-9653All reservations are required to be guaranteed with a first night room deposit.
Cancellation Policy: When bad weather or a family member’s sickness inhibits you from your travel plans we will gladly rebook your getaway. If you need to cancel your reservation, you will be refunded your deposit less 15% of your deposit so long as you cancel up to 7 days prior to your arrival date. If you cancel up to 4 days prior to arrival, then you will be refunded your deposit less 30% of your deposit. If your plans change at the last minute (or anytime within 3 days of arrival), call us and we’ll try to rebook your trip for different dates. You would only forfeit your deposit if we couldn’t rebook your getaway at all. You are subject to the best available rate on these new dates.
Cancellation policies may vary by promotional offer, including but not limited to non-refundable early booking promotions.GREAT WOLF LODGE
757-229-9700 FAX: 757-345-7979

chess club - weekly - this is now full.....

REACH Chess Club will be starting back up on the 7th of Sept in Fredericksburg from 3-4pm and will run weekly.  This is for ages 6 and up - limit 40 kids.  This is a whole year of Chess from Sept to May..
Mrs. Kitfield will be returning to teach Chess and we are hoping that Mr. Stableford will be returning as well...
The cost for the year is $30.00 per student with a family cap of $90.00 - each student will get a t-shirt from the club as well....
You will have the opportunity to order chess boards for 13.00... this comes with chess board and pieces...Highly recommend you order one so your student can play and practice at home when not in the club.... The kids compete against each other for points and etc....(not a chess player so not sure how it all works - I might need to take the class so I can learn how to play)
This is a fun class and Mrs. Kitfield does an excellent job with the kids teaching them chess....and at the end of the club they have a pizza party.... 

stem symposium - april 2017

If you can attend this event it is worth going to - every other year they hold the USA Science and Engineering Festival - the next one is 2018 but they are doing a STEM symposium in April for students 6th to 12th grade.  The cost is $20.00 per person attending.  I have asked for 25 spots... Once registration opens then I will see what speakers we can see.  Usually we can get around 4 or 5 in for the day.. This will be a set schedule.. Once I know how we have I will update the speaker list..  If you would like to do this educational all day event email me at - pymt is due in full by the 15th of Jan 2017... Send your check payable to REACH to Wanda Sloper, 35451 Wilderness Shores Way, Locust Grove, VA 22508.X-STEM - presented by the U.S. Department of Defense - is an Extreme STEM symposium for middle through high school students featuring interactive presentations and workshops by an exclusive group of visionaries who aim to empower and inspire kids about careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). These top STEM role models and industry leaders are sure to fuel your students’ curiosity through storytelling and live demonstrations.
This all day event features multiple presentation sessions covering a wide array of subject areas including space exploration, paleontology, bio-inspired robotics, marine biology, alternative biofuels, computer science and much, much more! Student attendees will have the opportunity to sit in on multiple engaging presentations, live demonstrations and hands-on workshops.Don't miss this truly unique educational opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the nation's most noted STEM professionals representing top universities, corporations, non-profit organizations and governmental agencies.   

national school choice week - jan 2017 - free event

REACH is participating again in the National School Choice Week and we will be meeting in Fredburg on the 24th of Jan at 11am... We will be making chain links again with words written on the strips of paper showing our support for Homeschooling.  Also for attending I have 50 Yellow scarfs to give to the kids.. First come first served... This event will run from 11-12:30pm... So come out and participate.... 
About National School Choice Week
Held every January, National School Choice Week shines a positive spotlight on effective education options for every child.The goal of National School Choice Week (NSCW) is to raise public awareness of all types of education options for children. These options include traditional public schools, public charter schools, magnet schools, online learning, private schools, and homeschooling.To meet this goal, NSCW encourages schools, organizations, and individuals to hold positive events that celebrate school choice options, while drawing attention to the need for even greater opportunities for children. 


Our Goal

REACH's goal is to offer meaningful and educational opportunities for all homeschoolers in the Virginia area. REACH is Christian-led, but is open to all regardless of religion, race or politics. We are a very active group that participates in many field-trips and workshops for children of all ages.


REACH covers Orange, Culpeper, Madison, Greene Co, Charlottesville, Spotsylvania, Fredericksburg, King George, Caroline County, PWC, Warrenton, Manassas, Haymarket, Sumerduck, Remington, Dumfries, Woodbridge, Leesburg, Springfield, Fairfax, Reston, Herndon, Chantilly, Richmond, Caroline, Midlothian, Williamsburg, Colonial Beach, Glen Allen, Staunton, Winchester, DC, Maryland, and more.


REACH has a subscription fee of $36.00 per family per calendar year . The subscription includes monthly newsletters and all of the REACH emails. Membership cost is $36.00 for August 2016 to June 2017. In March membership drops to $20.00 and that runs to the end of June 2017.  

I will be accepting new memberships for 2016-2017 starting in April of 2016.  Your membership for next year will run from Aug to June of 2017

What We Do

Our events include:

  • Bowling League,  Homeschool Soccer
  • Reading Club, 
  • RHO Honor Society, National Beta Club
  • Young Eagle Flying Program
  • SHINE Music Club
  • Graduation for Pre-K,  8th Graders, Kindergarten, and Seniors
  • Homecoming, Valentines Dance and Prom
  • Great Wolf Lodge,  Colonial Williamsburg, Ripley's Museum
  • Broadway shows in Richmond
  • Lego, Coin, Stamp, Chess Club
  • Drama 1 and Drama 2
  • Mad Science, Brickz for Kids
  • Shane's Family Fun Nights
  • Valentine's, Easter, End of School, Back to School, Harvest, and Christmas Parties
  • Contests, Art classes
  • Linda Bailey Nature Classes
  • Spanish,  Portuguese classes
  • Speakers and author book signings
  • Journalism class
  • Math with Mrs Mack 
  • Yearbook, School Pictures
  • Mythology Exam, Scripps Spelling Bee
  • Plays, Disney on Ice
  • Circus,  Harlem Globetrotters
  • Book club, teen literature, and writing club,
  • Ihop Family Nights and Pancake workshops
  • Lake Anna classes
  • Tons of field-trips
  • Potomac Nationals Reading Club
  • VA Opera show/Nutcracker
  • REACH Family Fun Day picnic
  • And so much more - we avg 30-80 events each month......


To join REACH fill out the form below. Membership cost is $36.00 for August 2016 to June 2017. In March membership drops to $20.00.
Have questions? Contact me - if paypal does not work please go to paypal and send to 

Your Name

Your Email

Your Phone

Years Homeschooling




Zip Code

Names and Grades of Children

Select payment method

Dues to REACH are $36.00 per family for the year. Please send your check payable to REACH to:

Wanda Sloper

35451 Wilderness Shores Way

Locust Grove, VA 22508

Pay With Paypal

What REACH Means To Me

REACH is a fantastic resource to the MANY homeschool events that happen across the state of VA, particularly central VA. Wanda is an inexhaustible source of knowledge when it comes to this area and she schedules these fantastic field trips to places I didn't even know existed but that turn out to be gems and fit in so well with whatever we are studying at home. The other thing that is so wonderful is the group rates and discounts that she is able to secure because of the size of our group and because of her background and experience in scheduling these types of things. Even though we live over an hour from Fredricksburg and many of the events scheduled are too far away for us to participate in, we still join every year and it is always worth it. As long as we are homeschooling in this area, we will be members of REACH!

-Mrs. Buckley

The Reach Homeschool Group has been a wonderful blessing to me and my family. The wide range of activities, fieltrips, clubs, and a wide variety of events available to our families and homeschool community is so easily accessible through this group. You just receive the event information, and choose what is best for your family. When I joined back in 2008 after a two year tour in NC where there was a very limited amount of events to participate in, I was thrilled! Did several trips each month, and they were organized, educational and fun. I highly recommend this group. Thanks very much, to Wanda Sloper.

- The Kilhenny Family

REACH provides such a variety of opportunities for students and their parents – it is truly phenomenal! No matter your budget, time constraints, interests, or location – there is really something for everyone. REACH provides one time opportunities (seminars, classes, etc.) as well as annual events – where you are sure to run into friends you made from the year before. Not sure how Wanda manages it – but she arranges unique events for a wide variety of interests; everything including science, math, arts, music, theatre, clubs, sports, and more. REACH helps families find programs/events to expand the student’s knowledge and interests including introducing new topics of study with hands on experiences. 

linda m davies

We love REACH homeschool group. We have been the members of a couple other homeschool groups that promised a lot and did not deliver. REACH always delivers! We are homeschooling one child who is entering 4th grade. We have been members of REACH since she was in Kindergarten. REACH offers something for every age group. We have taken advantage of many opportunities, including classes REACH offers such as drawing and Mad Science. We have been on numerous local field trips, such as Ferry Farm trips, Leesylvania State Park, and even a tour of a sewage plant! REACH also organizes very affordable overnight family trips several of which we have taken advantage of, such as a trip by train to New York City and a trip to Disney World. As my daughter gets older we are really looking forward to many of the opportunities that REACH offers older children. Really, there is something for everyone. My only fear about REACH is that Wanda will retire before my daughter graduates. It would be a great loss to the homeschooling community.

- Mrs. Shojinga

We moved here 5 years ago and my 3 kids were still in public school. When we decided to homeschool, I was so scared and overwhelmed and unsure of myself. Then, I was introduced to REACH. I had found some direction, advice, opportunities and best of all, friends for children and myself! The field trips and clubs are incredible. The opportunities for learning and stretching and trying new things are endless. Wanda is a fabulous lady and works so hard for this group. I am so blessed to be a 3rd year veteran of REACH! 

Mrs G Spotsy VA 

REACH has been a God-send for us! No one ever said that homeschooling would be an easy journey,
but homeschooling an only child can be frustrating at times. REACH has provided the perfect outlet
for us because of the many field trips, clubs, and activities that are available for my son to participate in. 
He has been able to make several new friends, and enjoy spending time with other kids who in his same
situation. There are so many helpful, friendly, and just overall wonderful people within the REACH community!
We just could not ask for a better group, and we are so thankful to Ms. Wanda for all that she does to 
keep this group going!!! 

Carla and alex marvin

Being a member of REACH allows my family to pick and choose many activities that I enrich our homeschooling. We have gone to plays, a lavender farm and a presentation by Ken Ham about dinosaurs and creation. Without REACH, I would not know that these opportunities exist. Wanda does an excellent job of providing such a wide range of activities that there truly is something for everyone! We are hoping to do more this year, including some service projects. Being relatively new to Virginia, REACH has helped us to explore more of our surrounding areas

- Mrs. Anderson

We joined reach in 2010 after moving here from our 5th duty station in Chesterfield Michigan. We started at Anthony Burns Elmementary in Stafford Virginia  3rd grade which lasted for three months. Due to over crowding and my child being shuffled around like a deck of cards we decided to try moving her to another school but in the process we met a homeschooling group that was Caltholic and tried to fit in but with a Baptist. Back ground we were like fish out of water lol. The person who now I call my extended family Karen Clamenta introduced us to Wanda Via internet and we meet up at the bowling alley and joined immediately after meeting some great families. Most of the families we still hang out with and others we see from time to time at various events. Wanda has been such a blessing in our lives it would take me hours to share but I'll give you just a taste of why she has won my heart. She's kind, funny, intelligent, fair, empathic, sincere, consistent in trying to do her best with all the other things she has going on in her life. I haven't yet caught her off her game in running reach homeschool group. She's not perfect but who is? But I must say she is perfect for reach and she has a gift that many people envy her for I can tell you that lol. My family is over joyed with being a reach family member and hopefully we can remain members until Breanna enters 12 grade in three years. Reach is more than a group  to us, it's our family. Thanks Wanda and Mr. Sloper for doing what God ask of you and that's to love thy neighbor as thyself..

God bless the Blankenship family (Tonya, Brian, Breanna and Ariel